Compared to 20 years ago, vegans are spoiled for choice. Not only are there easily accessible resources, educational guides, and groups to share tips and tricks, but the food industry has caught on. From vegan cheese to vegan yogurt to vegan ice cream, dairy alternatives have taken hold of the food scene and are poised to only grow further. But how does that benefit those of us who haven’t taken the full dive into veganism? Vegan Ice cream is delicious and may even have some health benefits!

Health Benefits of Eating Vegan

No matter your dietary restrictions, with options ranging from almond to soy to coconut milk, non-dairy ice creams are for everyone. And while the specific benefits (and possible drawbacks) will depend on the brand and the type of alternative ingredients found in the ice cream, there are general health benefits associated with a vegan diet.

Increased Consumption of (Certain) Nutrients

Due to the food restrictions of a vegan diet, vegans have to rely more heavily on whole grains and vegetables, resulting in an increased intake of certain beneficial nutrients. While the standard Western diet typically contains enough vitamin B12, iron, and calcium, vegans have a higher daily intake of fiber, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins A, E, and C.

Beneficial for Weight Loss

Vegan diets can naturally help reduce your daily intake of calories. Due to the restrictions on ingredients and food types, common comfort foods and takeout dishes are no longer an option. Even when it comes to vegan ice cream, restrictions in the types of toppings a vegan can choose from can ultimately make a similarly sized portion lighter in calories.

Lower Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables has been associated with a lowered risk for heart disease. Several studies have even shown that vegan diets can reduce blood sugar and total cholesterol levels better than other diets. For example, plain oat milk has little to no cholesterol or saturated fat and tends to have a lower total fat content compared to regular dairy milk.

Reduced Inflammation

While dairy contains many important nutrients, it has been shown to increase inflammation and exacerbate some conditions (such as acne). Not to mention the almost 75% of adults who are lactose sensitive or intolerant. Vegan diets, which naturally rely on plant-based proteins and nutrients, have been shown to alleviate symptoms of inflammation, and can even help provide relief to conditions like rheumatoid arthritis.

In summary, vegan ice cream can offer a solution to those looking to make healthy changes in their diet. However, even veganism has its drawbacks, most notably in the form of nutrient deficiencies. Care must be taken to obtain adequate amounts of B12, and other nutrients found in animal foods. As with most things, it’s about enjoying the sweet things in life in moderation, and doing what feels right for you.

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