What’s more appealing: pulling out old, freezer-burned ice cream from the bottom of the freezer or enjoying a delicious, silky smooth bowl of fresh ice cream?

We’d choose the latter…and wouldn’t be surprised if you made the same choice! That’s why ColdSnap® is dedicated to providing the creamiest ice cream possible, one batch at a time, right from the comfort of your office. Read on to learn how our revolutionary rapid-freezing technology helps create that decadent, creamy texture you’re chasing.

How ColdSnap Makes Creamy Ice Cream

During the manufacturing of ice cream, several factors come into play that impact the product’s final texture. Milkfat, sugar content, as well as the manner in which the ice cream is made, all play a critical role in the texture of ice cream.

Milkfat Percentage: Did you know that ColdSnap ice cream is in the category of premium ice cream? Premium ice cream contains 12-14% milkfat, and incorporates less air into the mix. Many lower-quality ice creams mix substantial amounts of air – called “overrun” – into their ice cream as a cheap and easy way to increase their end product volume. ColdSnap ice cream, on the other hand, is a dense and decadent premium ice cream, due in large part to the additional milkfat and minimal overrun.

Sugar: Not surprisingly, sugar is a critical ingredient to ice cream. Not only does sugar influence sweetness, but it also plays a key role in determining the texture of the final product. Sugar makes ice cream softer because it lowers the freezing point of a liquid. An ice cream that can be easily scooped right out of the freezer requires just the right amount of sugar – too little and the ice cream is hard as a rock; too much sugar and you end up with a messy, partially frozen mush. ColdSnap uses just the right amount of sugar (note: real sugar; not of the corn syrup variety) in our mix, helping to create that perfect ice cream texture.

The Ice Cream Making Process: Ice cream’s creaminess depends, in large part, on the size of the ice crystals that form during the freezing process. The smaller the ice crystals, the creamier the ice cream texture. In this area, ColdSnap ice cream is in a league of its own. The ColdSnap system creates ice crystals that are, on average, 40% smaller than traditional store-bought ice cream. ColdSnap’s rapid freezing system, combined with its constant churning process, form extremely small ice crystals that create a demonstrably smoother and creamier mouthfeel than any other ice cream on the market. Think of each ColdSnap ice cream pod as its own micro-creamery!

ColdSnap’s Revolutionary Freezing Process

You probably have some questions – isn’t ColdSnap’s premium ice cream made quickly, but also creamy? How does that work? Here’s where we get to dig into our revolutionary freezing method – you could call it the “cream” of the crop.

The ColdSnap machine uses a proprietary, high-powered refrigeration system to rapidly freeze the liquid contents of the ColdSnap pod and dispense the delicious frozen product, all at the perfect temperature and rate. The consumer simply inserts a ColdSnap ice cream pod into the ColdSnap machine, which then reads the QR code located on the pod to determine the optimal freezing parameters for that specific ColdSnap pod flavor.

ColdSnap ice cream can be made quickly and with ease—all without sacrificing that premium quality. Thanks to our revolutionary freezing technology, our frozen treats (including products beyond ice cream, such as creamy iced lattes, fresh frozen smoothies, and smoothly blended cocktails) are produced in approximately two minutes, while still delivering that delicious, smooth taste.

ColdSnap Eliminates the Cold Chain

Not only do consumers benefit from freshly-frozen individual portions of a variety of frozen confections, but our innovative approach revolutionizes the cold supply chain. We understand the need for a more effective and environmentally-conscious way to produce and distribute frozen confections. ColdSnap pods are shelf-stable at ambient temperature and do not require refrigeration during transportation and storage. ColdSnap’s technology helps cut back on both costs and carbon footprint.

The “cold supply chain” encompasses the handling and transportation of temperature-sensitive products along a supply chain. Take, for example, a traditional pint of store-bought ice cream: the ice cream is produced and deep-frozen at the factory; shipped in refrigerated trucks to refrigerated storage facilities; shipped again in refrigerated trucks to retailers where the product is then stored in the refrigerated (and highly sought–after and expensive) section of the grocery store; where the consumer then purchases the product only to bring home and place in their freezer. Not only is this process extremely energy intensive, if any temperature fluctuation occurs during the process, the ice cream’s quality also suffers. Any amount of thawing and refreezing causes ice crystals within that pint of ice cream grow, the product loses its freshness, and the end product is less smooth and creamy than when it started its journey in the factory.

ColdSnap has flipped this paradigm and brought to the consumer the ability to make – on demand – single-servings of the best tasting and smoothest ice cream available. With ColdSnap, the consumer freezes the product, eliminating the cold chain altogether.

The result is not just a fresher, better-tasting product – but a more environmentally-friendly one as well. The elimination of the cold chain saves valuable electricity and reduces the amount of harmful carbon emissions.

Enjoying your Premium ColdSnap Ice Cream

With all of this premium ColdSnap ice cream you’re going to be making, you’ll want some tips and tricks on how to best enjoy your treats. Looking for the best toppings to include, or maybe some creative ideas for eating ice cream? Look no further. The ColdSnap blog has everything you’ll need to know about consuming this delicious treat.

ColdSnap is a soon-to-be-released rapid-freezing appliance that produces single servings of frozen confections and frozen beverages in approximately two minutes. Contact us today or visit our blog for more information on our revolutionary freezing process and other frozen treat topics.

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