Looking for a frozen confection that you can have in just minutes? ColdSnap’s on-demand ice cream maker rapidly produces delicious single-serving frozen treats including premium ice cream (vegan options available), frozen cocktails, frozen smoothies, and frozen coffee.

Using single-serve recyclable pods that don’t require refrigeration or preparation, our frozen drinks and desserts are perfect for the home or office. In fact, the ColdSnap system can easily be placed on the countertop, desk, or table, or stored away for later use. To use our frozen drink machine simply plug in, insert your desired pod, and follow the on-screen instructions. In under two minutes, you’ll have your frozen treat! The best part? No messes, so you can get straight to enjoying your frozen confection.

Our cutting-edge freezing technology produces micro-sized ice crystals that are 40% smaller than store-bought products. This produces a velvety, smooth texture that’s nearly impossible to replicate in any home or bar. Even our frozen cocktails, like the Piña Colada, offer the same silky smooth consistency as our ice cream.

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