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ColdSnap® is a rapid freezing appliance that produces single servings of ice cream, frozen confections, and frozen beverages in approximately 2 minutes.

The ColdSnap machine accepts shelf-stable, ambient-temperature, ColdSnap pods that require no preparation. After the product has been dispensed, no cleanup of the ColdSnap machine is necessary.

ColdSnap® is capable of making single-servings of:

  • Premium ice cream
  • Non-dairy (oat) ice cream
  • Alcohol-infused ice cream (~2% ABV)
  • Frozen lattes (Snappuccino™)
  • Frozen smoothies (no sugar added)
  • Sorbets
  • Frozen protein shakes (dairy and non-dairy)
  • Frozen cocktails (~10% ABV)
The initial ColdSnap offering will include single servings of ice cream, non-dairy (oat) ice cream, and frozen lattes in various flavors.  Other food & beverage categories will be introduced over time.

Our mission is to transform the way that ice cream and other frozen confections are produced, transported, purchased, and consumed.

ColdSnap® pods are shelf-stable and can be shipped at ambient temperature. As a result, the ColdSnap system is independent of the expensive, unreliable, and environmentally unfriendly "cold chain" that is used to bring factory-frozen ice cream and other frozen products to market. ColdSnap will capture and grow the already-massive global ice cream market - particularly in geographies where the cold chain is weak and unreliable.

ColdSnap will revolutionize the direct-to-consumer ice cream experience. Ice cream can now be shipped direct-to-consumer (both homes and commercial consumers) without the use of dry ice.

ColdSnap will bring a superior, personalized, frozen confectionery experience to businesses and consumers alike. Great-tasting ice cream and other frozen confections can be prepared on-the-spot, in personalized servings, and free of messy preparation and cleanup.

ColdSnap®products are decadent and delicious! The ColdSnap system utilizes a proprietary process that makes ice cream and other frozen confections, with demonstrably smaller ice crystal sizes than store-bought products. This rapid freezing and churning process, combined with the finest ingredients, results in the very best-tasting products that cannot be purchased anywhere else.

ColdSnap's flagship product is premium ice cream made from simple, time-tested ingredients (cream, milk, sugar); with ice crystal sizes 40% smaller than store-purchased ice cream and less overrun (added air) than other ice creams. The result is an incredibly creamy, dense ice cream with an unparalleled mouthfeel and phenomenal taste.

This powerful combination – the best ingredients with small ice crystals – applies to ColdSnap’s other product categories as well. ColdSnap’s non-dairy (oat) ice cream has a velvety texture that blows away dairy-free consumers. ColdSnap’s frozen latte (what we call “Snappuccino™”) is rich and creamy. ColdSnap’s frozen cocktails (Margarita, Pina Colada, Daiquiri) have a silky consistency that is difficult to replicate in any home or bar. In short, ColdSnap makes a smoother, better product.

The ColdSnap® machine uses a proprietary, high-powered refrigeration system to rapidly freeze and dispense the contents of the ColdSnap pod.

To make a frozen confection, the user inserts a ColdSnap pod into the ColdSnap machine. The ColdSnap machine then reads the QR code located on the ColdSnap pod to determine the optimal freezing parameters for that specific ColdSnap product. With no further input from the user, the ColdSnap machine begins the freezing process and, when the freezing cycle is complete, the machine dispenses the contents of the pod directly into the bowl. No cleaning of the machine is required after

While the ColdSnap® system will be ideal for both commercial settings and homes, ColdSnap is focusing our initial sales and distribution efforts on offices and other commercial locations (e.g., stadiums, car dealerships, airports, and hotels). ColdSnap will place ColdSnap systems in residential markets in future years.

The ColdSnap system is a one-of-a-kind, on-premise, benefit for businesses that want to encourage and reward employees and customers. Think: morning frozen smoothies to jump-start the day or ice cream as a pick-me-up in the afternoon.

The ColdSnap system is also ideal for micro markets, retail settings (e.g., convenience stores), and other commercial settings that wish to place a ColdSnap machine in order to generate revenue and profit through the subsequent sale of ColdSnap pods. The ColdSnap system has clear merchandising and cost benefits relative to other in-store food service equipment options: ColdSnap pods do not have to be kept refrigerated and the ColdSnap machine does not have to be plumbed for installation or cleaned once installed.

The ColdSnap system is perfect for any location – commercial or residence – that wants better-tasting, fresher frozen desserts and beverages – but without the mess and upkeep required of traditional ice cream makers and blenders.

Simply plug in the ColdSnap® machine. No plumbing or consumables (e.g. cartridges,
filters) are required to set up the ColdSnap machine.

The ColdSnap® system currently takes approximately 2 minutes to freeze a ColdSnap pod. Freeze times vary depending on the selected ice cream or frozen confection. The ColdSnap engineering team continues to improve the ColdSnap freeze time. We are confident that the ColdSnap system will soon achieve a 60 – 90 second freeze time for many products.

The ColdSnap® machine dimensions are: 11.5"W x 17.75"H x 19.5"D. The ColdSnap machine weighs ~65 lbs.

We are currently conducting a small commercial "beta" launch of the ColdSnap® system in the Greater Boston area and in limited locations throughout the country.

We plan to do a broader commercial launch in the second half of 2023.  This nationwide launch will initially focus on offices and other commercial settings such as stadiums, car dealerships, hotels, healthcare institutions, convenience stores, and more. ColdSnap will focus on penetrating the home
market in future years.

The ColdSnap® team is working to ensure that ColdSnap pods are recyclable prior to conducting our broad commercial launch in the second half of 2023. 

There is no need to refrigerate the ColdSnap® pods. They are designed to be stored at room
temperature. However, if you choose to keep the pods refrigerated, there is no negative effect.

The ColdSnap® food science team is conducting shelf-life studies for each of the ColdSnap products. These studies, which are still in process, have shown that ColdSnap pods have a minimum shelf-life of 6 months. We will know the final shelf-life for each of the products once the studies are complete. We expect that most ColdSnap products will have at least 9 months of shelf stability and, depending on the product, some ColdSnap pods will have a longer shelf-life (e.g., up to 12 months).

The ColdSnap® system can make an infinite number of continuously frozen confections and does not require a "re-cooling" phase in between freezing products.

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