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“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!”  Ice cream is loved and adored by people all over the world. It seems that everyone has a favorite ice cream flavor that hits the spot on a hot summer day. 

But is all ice cream the same? While you're walking down the aisle at your local grocery store you may find yourself stuck, wondering why there are so many kinds of ice cream. You may be curious what the difference between gelato and ice cream is and what’s frozen yogurt vs ice cream or sorbet vs sherbet. Let's take a moment to understand the different types.

Ice Cream

Ice cream is an American staple. A trip to the beach or an outing with friends wouldn’t be complete without an ice cream.  For ice cream to be technically considered “ice cream,” though, the frozen mixture must be made with no less than 10% milkfat (often referred to as butterfat) and the base of the frozen treat itself cannot increase in volume by over 100% in the churning process.

“Premium” ice cream is considered ice cream with 12-15% milkfat, therefore meeting and exceeding the 10% milkfat standard of ice cream.  ColdSnap™ ice cream meets this “premium” standard - resulting in a richer, creamier texture that carries fully irresistible flavors.  

What gives ice cream its iconic creaminess is the ingredients themselves.  There are generally two types of American ice cream styles. One is the Philly style ice cream made of milk, cream, sugar, and flavorings. The other ice cream type is a frozen custard-style with all the similar ingredients of the Philly style, except with the addition of a base of egg yolks. 


Meet ice cream’s Italian cousin, gelato! Its name in Italian actually means “ice cream.” Gelato is similarly made like ice cream but without the added cream. The milkfat percentage is much lower, ranging from 4%-9%, and because it is typically churned without egg yolks and stabilizers, there is little to no air whipped into the product which creates gelato’s classic dense, thick texture. Gelato should also be served at a warmer temperature, to help bring out the intense flavors we have come to love.

Frozen Yogurt

Anyone for Fro-Yo? In recent years, frozen yogurt has become a widely popular frozen treat, particularly in America. It is made with the same ingredients as ice cream but it has a much lower percentage of fat. This is in part because it is made with cultured milk instead of cream. 

Whether you just wrapped up a workday or your kids are looking for a Sunday treat, frozen yogurt is a perfect choice any day of the week - and it’s easy to get creative with frozen yogurt. From gummy bears to granola, the toppings you can add on are endless! 


If you’re looking for a lighter and fruitier alternative, sorbet is the frozen treat for you. Sorbet was reportedly invented by the emperor Nero when he asked for buckets of snow to be combined with honey and wine. Its two main ingredients include fruit and sugar, which are then churned like ice cream. It can be drier and rougher in consistency, so make sure to let it sit at room temperature before indulging. 


Another fruit-forward frozen treat is sherbet. Its roots stem from the Ottoman Empire where Alexander the Great served it as a sweet drink made from fruit and flower petals. This traditional dessert is similar to sorbet, except that it contains dairy. Its ingredients are fruit juice, milk or cream, egg whites, and in some cases, gelatin. Pick your favorite fruit and dairy and spoon in happiness!

Discover The Possibilities of ColdSnap™

Ice cream stands the test of time and will continue to remain a fan favorite. But wouldn’t it be amazing if you could enjoy different flavors of ice cream at the push of a button? With the ColdSnap™ system, you can! Using our single-serving pods, a fresh, silky, and creamy bowl of ice cream will be waiting for you to enjoy in approximately two minutes.

So whether you’re in the mood for standard American ice cream or fruity sorbet, ColdSnap™ will soon be able to help make your creative frozen dessert dreams come true. Discover the possibilities at the snap of your fingertips. Contact us today


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