Whether it’s enjoyed as a morning or midday pick-me-up, coffee has long been an office staple. More and more companies, however, are seeing their employees ditch the breakroom coffee for a treat out of the office. How do you accommodate your employees by giving them that daily reprieve, as well as a caffeinated indulgence right in your office kitchen?

Employees can live out their wildest coffee dreams without so much as leaving the office. Say goodbye to boring breakroom coffee and say hello to ColdSnap®. The ColdSnap system provides the rich benefits of frozen coffee while eliminating the hassle and waste of other coffee machines. As employees return to the office, improve staff morale by giving them the unique comfort they deserve. This fun way to savor coffee is quick, efficient, and delicious.

Redefine Coffee Breaks With ColdSnap

Coffee naturally has benefits that can bring energy and productivity to your workplace. When the craving for a frozen coffee hits, having the right office coffee machine for the job is a game-changer! Employees are used to the convenience and comfort of their own pace and home. Help ease re-acclimation to the office with a ColdSnap machine on-site to deliver frozen coffee confections on demand.

Create a positive workplace that offers variety to your employees by giving them a kitchen appliance that truly delivers. The ColdSnap system works like a frozen coffee machine. Employees can simply place a Snappuccino™ pod into the appliance, wait a couple of minutes, and then enjoy a smooth, creamy frozen latte. Keep toppings like cinnamon, cocoa, or whipped cream on hand in your kitchen or breakroom, and let employees customize their caffeinated treat. With dairy and non-dairy Snappuccino™ options, as well as so many toppings and flavors to choose from, it will wow incoming or current employees–even clients that come in for a tour! Together, let’s make team members feel rewarded and cared for.

ColdSnap is Clean And Efficient

From roast and ground coffee brewing systems to cold keg office coffee brewers, the workplace coffee machine lineup has grown in variety. What makes ColdSnap’s frozen coffee maker stand out from the others is its efficiency. Compared to other machines that require a lot of maintenance, ColdSnap offers a frozen coffee alternative without the stress.

Employees are often in a hurry and want to get on with their day. Dealing with the mess that coffee can create is a hassle. Your breakroom may often have leftover coffee grounds on the countertops and old filters left in brewers. Maybe your employees skip the kitchen altogether because they don’t want to wait for their beverage to chill or measure out how much coffee to make.

Help employees focus on what really matters—community and productivity. The ColdSnap system will help you do just that, efficiently and effectively delivering a tasty product with no clean-up needed. Save money by not needing to connect it to a water line and give time back to your employees to get work done and spend time building relationships.

Let’s Reinvigorate Company Coffee Culture Together

ColdSnap is excited to soon be available for businesses nationwide. The ColdSnap appliance is here to enliven the coffee culture of company kitchens and break rooms.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of the frozen coffee drink machine and other ColdSnap confections and beverages. Or read more about our product by checking out our blog.

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