A tasty cup or cone of soft serve on a hot day is tough to beat. If you’re like many people, though, you may be having second thoughts after reading recent articles that call into question how sanitary soft serve machines are.  

We get it, no one wants to think about what’s going on in the inner workings of a soft serve machine. If not properly cleaned, it can harbor some next-level ick. If you’re a die-hard soft serve ice cream fan, but you’re feeling apprehensive about your favorite treat, don’t despair. 

soft serve cone

ColdSnap’s countertop soft serve machine delivers premium soft serve ice cream (as well as doling out other frozen treats) and requires no cleaning. Keep reading to discover how ColdSnap has created a one-of-a kind, no cleaning-required soft serve machine. First though, the good, the bad, and the ugly about traditional soft serve machines.  

Is Soft Serve Safe to Eat?  

There’s been a lot of negative press surrounding traditional soft serve, and for good reason: soft serve machines are notoriously difficult to clean. They have many parts, like the mixing paddle, that need to be taken apart, washed thoroughly, and sanitized. Other components are cleaned in place. If not done carefully, the smaller parts can harbor bacteria.  

Additionally, prior to cleaning, any soft serve mix inside the machine must be drained and stored at the proper temperature to prevent spoilage. This must be done by trained staff, otherwise, the mix can become contaminated.  

Soft serve machines should be cleaned and sanitized at least daily, if not more frequently, and it can take an hour or more to clean the machine properly. Have you ever tried to order a McFlurry only to be told that the machine is broken?  

We’ll let you in on a little secret – the machine was probably being cleaned, or was out of commission because the staff didn’t want to go through the hassle of cleaning it. Makes sense – McDonald’s soft serve makers can take a whopping four hours to sanitize. Soft serve machines are usually not looked upon fondly by food service workers and restaurant managers. On the contrary, they present an unwelcome burden.  

We won’t go into the details here (there are many articles on the subject), but you can get very sick from bacteria that is lurking in soft serve machines that have not been properly cleaned. Pregnant women in particular are urged to avoid soft serve because of the risks to the unborn baby.  

soft serve ice cream dispensing from machine

The Easiest, Safest Soft Serve Solution  

If the news about soft serve machines has you shying away from your favorite creamy frozen treat, allow us to be a beacon of hope. A new soft serve ice cream maker, created by ColdSnap, is making its debut later this year.    

ColdSnap’s rapid freezing technology revolutionizes the game of soft serve. Premium liquid product mix is contained in a pod that is about the size of a Redbull can. Simply insert the shelf stable pod into the ColdSnap appliance and in 90-120 seconds your frozen treat is dispensed, directly from the pod into your bowl. The product does not touch the machine during freezing, mixing, or dispensing, so there is no cleaning required.  

ColdSnap instant ice cream maker

ColdSnap instant ice cream maker (Photo by Allyson Preble)

For those concerned about the potential negative health implications associated with traditional soft serve, ColdSnap is a breath of fresh air. In addition to the benefits of cleanliness and the convenience of single servings, ColdSnap soft serve is real, premium ice cream. This makes ColdSnap one of the best ice cream makers for your business.  

If you can’t get your hands on a ColdSnap treat just yet, you can visit trusted, clean, soft serve locations in the meantime.  

Want in on the chill ColdSnap action? We’re launching in commercial settings later this year – send us a message to reserve one of our frozen treat makers!     

By Lyn Ferreira

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