On September 15th, 2021, the doors at Hynes Convention Center opened for PERKSCon Boston 2021. This event brings together HR professionals and hundreds of organizations focused on maximizing employee benefits in health, well-being, culture, and technology. With growing competition amongst firms to hire the best talent – dubbed, “The Talent Wars” – businesses are becoming increasingly interested in enhancing their employee experience.

The Benefits of Employee Perks

Perks are about more than attracting and retaining talent. Strategic employee benefits packages can increase overall productivity, ultimately profiting both the employee and the company. Companies that invest in employees’ emotional and physical well-being, as well as their professional growth, encourage these teammates to perform at their best. PERKS showcased the latest in employee benefits – from meditation apps and bundled pet insurance to subscription snack boxes. ColdSnap was also showcased at the conference.

ColdSnap at PERKS Boston

We set up the ColdSnap booth and got to work letting our product speak for itself. We shared samples of our ice cream, frozen smoothies, and frozen coffee Snappuccinos™ – all made fresh and on the spot in approximately two minutes. With a smorgasbord of flavors ranging from classic vanilla ice cream to chocolate oatmilk freezes to mango smoothies, the reviews were overwhelmingly positive.

In fact, the average rating given to our flavors out of 186 taste testers was 4.78 out of 5 stars. Additionally, in a follow-up survey completed by 122 individuals, 88.8% agreed that ColdSnap would be a valuable offering to their employees. Considering the number of smiles we saw after the first bite, we certainly agree that a ColdSnap system would be one sweet perk!

Interested in adding ColdSnap to your Office?

Our revolutionary freezing technology and versatile offering of frozen products mean that the ColdSnap system is capable of creating rapidly frozen treats suited for any taste. With minimal space requirements and a sleek design, our machine can be plugged into any standard outlet (no water line needed) to add a perk to your business environment. If you are interested in adding a ColdSnap system to your business, please submit your information through our contact form. Thank you!

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