Everyone has their favorites. Favorite color, favorite movie, favorite place to travel. So why should office breakroom treats be any different? Why should employees settle for a few bulk items that aren’t one of their favorites? Well, here’s exciting news—soon they won’t have to!

ColdSnap® has developed an appliance that produces single servings of frozen confections in approximately two minutes. Products include dairy, non-dairy, and alcohol-infused ice cream; frozen coffees, frozen smoothies, frozen protein shakes, and frozen cocktails. By freezing on demand, ColdSnap offers personalized, premium frozen treats that are convenient and sustainable. Our mission is to transform the way that ice cream and other frozen confections are produced, transported, purchased, and consumed around the world.

How it Works

The ColdSnap appliance accepts shelf-stable, ambient temperature ColdSnap aluminum pods that are pre-filled with liquid ingredients, hermetically sealed, and commercially sterilized. The pod is inserted into the appliance, and the ingredients are frozen in the pod and dispensed directly from the pod into a bowl. Food never touches the machine so there is no need for cleaning or a water line. ColdSnap™ ice crystal sizes are 40% smaller than store-bought ice cream, and the appliance can make an infinite number of frozen confections continuously with no re-cooling phase.

Since ColdSnap pods are shelf-stable and can be shipped at ambient temperature, our system is independent of the expensive and environmentally unfriendly cold supply chain. ColdSnap pods will result in a 35% reduction in carbon emissions associated with making and distributing ice cream.

The Perfect Portion

An office break room can often be messy and cluttered. The counter is stained, or the floor is covered with crumbs. Several snacks go bad and can’t be recycled. Individual ice cream options bulk up your ideal snack inventory in the break room. Say goodbye to waste with ColdSnap single-serving ice cream pods. They’re the perfect portion for each person, helping reduce the potential for excess and encouraging healthier servings of ice cream for employees. Give every team member the satisfaction of fueling their workday with an indulgent ice cream treat that’s “just enough.”

A Flavor for Everyone

Whether an employee has been at a company for several years or just started, they want to feel at home and relaxed. The break room should feel inviting and up-lifting. Most employees who toggle between working from home and the office deserve some personalized benefits. Give your team further individualized freedom with the ColdSnap revolutionary system. With a variety of dairy and non-dairy frozen dessert options to choose from, our single-serving pods provide something for everyone.

A Scoop of Positivity

Joy is contagious. A positive attitude in the office improves workplace morale and productivity. Employees want to feel noticed and valued by their leaders and each co-worker. They want to get to know the people they work with and create memories together. Encourage your employees to enjoy each other’s company while building relationships around a ColdSnap single-serve ice cream machine! Our convenient ice cream pods will deliver a quick and tasty round of treats, giving employees plenty of time to have fun before returning to their tasks.

The Possibilities Are Endless

ColdSnap instant single servings of ice cream are transforming the possibilities of office kitchens. Its benefits make the world happier, healthier, and just a little more chill. Give employees something extra sweet in a snap with single servings of homemade ice cream or frozen confections. Keep a spot in your company kitchen open for future items that expand beyond ice cream. Stay tuned for the latest updates and releases. And don’t forget to check out our blog full of ideas for your next ice cream party. Grab a spoon and get ready to enjoy ColdSnap treats with your coworkers.

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