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Photographing Night Skies: Part II; the capture

Photographing Night Skies Part II: the capture.   Photographing at night can give you dazzling results, but your camera technique had better be spot-on! Using maximum apertures and high ISO’s are one of the techniques and as such require particular care in the shooting and post-processing of the image. In the last newsletter I discussed …

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The Digital Dilemma–Creating a digital archive

The Digital Dilemma Good Camera Techniques: Shoot, download, save, back-up, reformat. Your camera’s disc is not a long term storage device! They can and will fail at any time. Always reformat the camera disc after you have removed it from the camera and downloaded images. Good Storage Techniques: Your computer’s hard-drive is the best and …

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Creating Clarity With Photographic Technique

Creating Image Clarity using Photographic Technique Some thoughts on image clarity and perceived image sharpness in relation to; Subject Sharpness, Color Value, Image Contrast, and Localized Image Contrast. Subject Sharpnessis the result of several factors including the camera focus, depth of field, camera support, and proper shutter speed relative to subject motion. Subject Sharpness cannot …

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