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Named a Home Appliance Honoree at the CES 2021 Innovation Awards, ColdSnap continues to generate excitement among gadget fans and tech market watchers. It’s no surprise, given the sheer variety of delicious concoctions ColdSnap delivers: from frozen cocktails to frozen yoghurt, there’s something for everyone.

ColdSnap’s Pod Specs

Made out of aluminum and shaped like an average beverage can, the ColdSnap pod is fully recyclable and has a minimum shelf-life of nine months at room temperature. Decked out with a QR code, the machine scans and determines the perfect parameters for freezing that specific product. Wait another 90 seconds tops, and there’s your made-to-order cold treat. 

With no required cool-down period, and no required cleaning, ColdSnap’s system can deliver serving after serving - as long as you don’t run out of pods! 


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