ColdSnap recently attended CES – the most influential tech event in the world – where we showcased our innovative frozen treat machine. Not only can the ColdSnap system dish out creamy and delicious soft-serve ice cream – our personalized pods produce premium, frozen smoothies, frozen coffees, and frozen cocktails. We also have non-dairy ice cream available!

Simply insert a single-serving ColdSnap pod into the rapid freezing ColdSnap machine, select your frozen treat, and wait 90 to 120 seconds for your frozen treat to dispense.

Check out our Youtube Video to see ColdSnap in action.

Environmentally Friendly

ColdSnap pods are made from infinitely recyclable aluminum! ColdSnap pods are also shelf-stable at room temperature. So, unlike traditional ice cream brands, ColdSnap pods don’t have to be kept frozen from the factory to the consumer – eliminating the expensive and environmentally unfriendly cold chain. ColdSnap ice cream results in a 30-42% reduction in carbon emissions associated with traditional methods of distributing and storing ice cream.

Head over to USA Today to see what they’re saying about ColdSnap.

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