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Recognized as a CES 2021 Innovation Award Product Home Appliance Honoree! In under two minutes, the ColdSnap machine can whip up frozen cocktails, frozen coffees, frozen smoothies, frozen protein shakes, or a delicious bowl of creamy ice cream.

How ColdSnap Got Started

Entrepreneur Matt Fonte came up with the idea of ColdSnap after starting invention journals with his daughters. They wanted to create an easy-to-use machine that makes ice cream quickly, without the mess.

The shelf-stable pods are fully recyclable and do not require freezing. Matt Fonte explains, “We’re taking all the cold that it’s generating, and we’re harnessing that cold and we’re isolating it right around the pod.” He goes on to say, “and we’re effectively pulling heat out of the pod and putting it through this refrigeration system.” This results in a frozen treat in just 90-120 seconds, and the pods are fully recyclable.

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