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Spring is approaching which means the warm weather is almost here. As things heat up, many of us start craving ice cream and other frozen confections. ColdSnap’s on-demand ice cream machine makes it incredibly easy to enjoy freshly frozen treats. Not only can you make delicious premium ice cream but ColdSnap also serves up frozen smoothies, frozen coffee, frozen protein shakes, and frozen cocktails.

Some of the perks include:

    • Aluminum pods are fully recyclable
    • No mixing ingredients
    • No cleanup necessary
    • Frozen treats are ready in 90-120 seconds

How ColdSnap Got Started

ColdSnap inventor Matthew Fonte came up with the ColdSnap concept with his daughters while brainstorming ideas for their bedtime invention journal. It was always their dream to create single-servings of ice cream on-demand.

Check out our YouTube video to see ColdSnap in action.

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