When people dig into our frozen treats, a frequent comment is, “This is so creamy! Faces light up with surprise and joy as they dive in spoon first. With so many frozen desserts out there, you may wonder what sets ColdSnap’s frozen treats in a league of their own. Here’s the skinny: Not only are ColdSnap’s single-serve treats frozen on demand, but our premium product mixes are rapidly churned inside the ColdSnap pod as it freezes. This produces frozen treats with an unusually small ice crystal size and an uncommonly creamy texture. If you want the full details, you can read our white paper. If your style is more TLDR, I will distill the details for you here!

How Do You Make Ice Cream, Anyway?

To make ice cream, two main processes must take place: freezing (of course), and mixing. If you freeze a liquid ice cream recipe without mixing it, your treat will more closely resemble a popsicle than a creamy bowl of ice cream.

Ever had grainy or icy-tasting ice cream? When life demands a “treat yo’ self” moment, it’s undoubtedly a letdown to dig into a bowlful of ice cream only to be met with a mouthful of ice crystals. Maybe it was a pint that made too many trips in and out of the freezer, or perhaps the offending treat came from your local creamery. If you have experienced this (who hasn’t!) you have tasted firsthand the difference that ice crystal size can make. Larger ice crystals make for a less pleasant frozen treat experience, while smaller ice crystals make for a smooth texture which adds delight to the frozen dessert experience.

What Makes ColdSnap Frozen Treats So Creamy?

I’ll let you in on some magic. If you want to experience the creamiest ice cream and other frozen treats imaginable, you can, with ColdSnap, every.single.time. Why is this? ColdSnap products undergo dynamic freezing, and fast. Dynamic freezing means that while the product is freezing, it is simultaneously in motion. ColdSnap’s liquid ice cream mix is whipped (good.real good) as it is frozen.

Store-bought ice cream undergoes dynamic freezing too, but afterward, it also goes through a static freezing process. This hardens it. One of the less-desirable effects of the static-freezing phase, though, is that the ice crystals increase in size. Since ColdSnap products do not go through this second, static-freezing phase, you get to enjoy your freshly frozen treat in all its luscious, creamy glory. It is mixed and frozen, just once, right when you want it.

ColdSnap rapid freezing appliance

Several varieties of frozen treats can be made in the ColdSnap machine.

Premium ice cream is featured here!

A Microcreamery Inside Every Can

Want a peek into the microcreamery inside each ColdSnap pod? Our pods feature a critical component inside; a mixing paddle. If this paddle didn’t rotate and churn the liquid product formulation, the machine wouldn’t produce ice cream at all. In fact, the ingredients would remain mostly liquid with a layer of ice forming only along the pod walls. Furthermore, the ColdSnap mixing paddle rotates faster than many other dynamic freezing processes, which helps make ColdSnap frozen treats uniquely smooth and silky.

While we often hear consumer feedback that our products are extremely creamy, we wanted to verify this with data. To test our hypothesis that the creaminess of ColdSnap’s products is due to our proprietary mixing process, we headed over to the University of Wisconsin’s Frozen Dessert Center. Our goal was to see how the size of ColdSnap’s ice crystals compared to those of other products. The team at the lab analyzed the size of ice crystals from store-bought ice cream. Then they looked at the size of ice crystals from ice cream frozen in the ColdSnap machine. When the results came in, our suspicions were confirmed: ice crystals from ice cream frozen in the ColdSnap machine were on average 40% smaller than traditional store-bought ice cream!

Ice crystals from store-bought ice cream

Ice crystal size of store-bought ice cream – 20% of ice crystals are < 40 µm in size

Ice crystals from ice cream frozen in ColdSnap system

Ice crystal size of ice cream frozen in the ColdSnap appliance – 94% of ice crystals are < 40 µm in size

You can experience the dreamy difference of our tiny ice crystal size not just in our premium ice cream, but in other ColdSnap products as well. Our frozen lattes, smoothies, protein shakes, cocktails, and boozy ice cream are all uncommonly smooth due to our innovative mixing and freezing process.

Coldsnap smoothies

ColdSnap also offers healthy options like smoothies made with real fruit

(Photo by Allyson Preble)

Tis the season for all things frozen; the weather is heating up and you may find yourself longing for a creamy ice cream or other treat to chill out with. Of course, you can always grab a soft serve cone, smoothie, or a pint of your favorite frozen dessert – all great choices. With ColdSnap’s commercial launch set for later this year, you will soon be able to add “Make a ColdSnap” to your options for frozen treats.

Do you want to experience the new generation of ondemand frozen treat machines? We are taking orders for machines now for our launch later this year. Send us a message here.

By Lyn Ferreira

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