After introducing ColdSnap at the CES Tech Show, the most influential tech event in the world, our innovative ice cream machine has been picked up by CNN. If you’re wondering what exactly our ice cream machine can do, keep reading to find out!

Our system uses shelf-stable pods of different flavors and freezes them for about 90 seconds. Once frozen, a delicious cup of premium ice cream is dispensed – it’s that simple!

ColdSnap doesn’t just stop at ice cream. Our easy-to-use machine makes a variety of frozen treats, including:

  • Non-dairy ice cream
  • Frozen smoothies
  • Frozen coffees
  • Frozen protein shakes
  • Frozen cocktails

The ColdSnap machine does not need to be cleaned. The freezing happens in the pod and the ice cream is dispensed from the pod directly into the bowl with the food touching the machine. ColdSnap is environmentally-friendly, using 100% recyclable aluminum pods and the pods are shelf stable which means they are not kept in the freezer, saving energy and reducing carbon emissions. Check out our YouTube video to see ColdSnap in action.

To learn more about how ColdSnap got started, head over to CNN to see what they’re saying!

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