It’s a Wednesday mid-afternoon, and you observe that no one enters the office kitchen during their break. Instead, they’re making plans to grab lunch and beverages outside of the office. You walk to the kitchen only to notice missing dishes, empty soap containers, expired snacks, and broken chairs. The scene is reminiscent of a ghost town in a Western movie. You tip your hat and think, “It’s time for an office kitchen upgrade!”

Refurbishing an office kitchen can be a fun and exciting experience. Before you begin, though, it’s important to consider how many employees work at your company and how many routinely come into the office. Knowing your employees’ interests will help guide your decisions for renovation. In the meantime, our ColdSnap® team would love to help answer a question that is commonly asked, “What do you need in an office kitchen?” Get ready to hear about some creative and essential features every modern office kitchen should have.

1. Intentional Layout Design

When people walk into a space they want to feel welcomed, included, and uplifted. Help your employees feel relaxed both physically and mentally with an intentional office kitchen design. Consider utilizing an open-layout and central location to make your office kitchen feel inviting and easily accessible for every employee. Bringing a touch of nature indoors with a variety of colorful plants can encourage your teammates to feel rejuvenated. Soft lighting makes for an even calmer ambience, reducing the stress on your employees. To accommodate different break room configurations, be sure to include plenty of chairs and tables that can be easily moved around. Try matching them to your office colors, for a creative edge!

2. Cleanliness With a Sparkle

No one enjoys hanging out in a messy place. Providing a clean, uncluttered office kitchen will freshen things up and improve employee satisfaction. Simple steps like ensuring sinks are in good working condition, and that soap, paper towels and all-purpose cleaners are easy to find can make a big difference in uplifting the office atmosphere. If it’s in the budget, purchasing a dishwasher to organize dirty dishes and keep them sparkling frees up employees’ time and makes cleanup a breeze.

3. Well-Stocked & Healthy

Employees like to have options. To support their needs and keep your crew energized, provide a variety of healthy snacks and beverages from nuts and fruits to kombucha. Not only will you be supporting their brain health and well-being, but you’ll give them more reasons to enjoy a break and feel at home in the office. Having a water cooler will encourage your employees to stay hydrated and reduces waste from plastic bottles. Make it easy for employees to make beneficial choices. It doesn’t take much to make a big difference – for example a cutting board and sharpened knives will help employees create their own fresh lunches.

4. Basics (But So Important!)

Whether your company is celebrating an employee’s birthday or you brought in catering, it’s important to have essential office kitchen supplies on hand. Basic items can include utensils, dishware, serving spoons, as well as simple spices like salt, pepper, and hot sauce. Give your employees an opportunity to feel cozier with common office kitchen appliances they would find in their own homes – a microwave, toaster, and electric tea kettle will go a long way in facilitating convenient lunch and snack breaks while at work.

5. The ColdSnap System

Although your list of things to buy and consider may be a mile long—we couldn’t let one item go unmentioned. Save time and counter space while giving employees a break-time treat to rave about with the ColdSnap system. Our no-preparation-needed ice cream machine produces single servings of frozen confections in less than two minutes – Keurig style. Bring the whole team together in the office kitchen with our premium products from ice cream to frozen smoothies, non-dairy desserts, and frozen coffee!

Let’s Build Community Together

Urge your employees to take breaks from the grind. The office kitchen should be a place where everyone can gather around and unwind in an atmosphere that encourages relationships and community. Intentionally organizing your kitchen with a pleasing layout as well as basic conveniences that you’d find at home will help your team refuel mentally and physically. With ColdSnap, you’ll take the basic office kitchen to the next level, surprising and delighting your employees with a variety of frozen treat options.

The ColdSnap system is engineered with businesses like yours in mind. We want employees to have their office kitchen needs met, along with ample opportunities to grow and laugh together. Stay tuned for the latest updates and news by checking out our blog. Our revolutionary technology is about to keep things cool everywhere!

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