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Neal Smith Wildlife Refuge Photography Workshop, Central Iowa


April 7-8, 2018


‘We believe that the better you understand the photographic process the better you become at expressing your ideas in photographic form. Our teaching philosophy is based upon the belief that learning through experience is the Photog in fieldmost thorough and enjoyable process of learning. The rich photographic subject matter combined with state of the art educational facilities makes this location a perfect place to learn photographic skills.’

Join veteran photographers and photography workshop instructors John Gregor and Bryan Hansel as they team up to bring you an all-new two day digital workshop at the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge in Central Iowa!

During the workshop you will have the opportunity to work to practice the techniques you learn in the field and learn one-on-one from Bryan and John. The three field sessions will take place in the 5600-acre wildlife preserve which is home to bison, elk, tall-grass prairie, oak savanna, and sedge meadows.  Your work from the field sessions will be reviewed in an honest and supportive atmosphere where you may learn from successes as well as mistakes.


This is a combined classroom and field workshop. We will spend approximately 50% of our time in the classroom and 50% of our time in the field. students in field

We will cover all the basic camera functions of a digital SLR type camera, fundamentals of the photographic medium, and most importantly how to SEE photographs. Classroom lectures include: Basic camera technique, exposure and how to read histograms, composition, filters and much more. Individual instruction in the field will reinforce what was discussed in the classroom.


This workshop is held at the Neal Smith Wildlife Refuge near Des Moines Iowa.

Sample Itinerary

(Subject to change)

  • 9:00 am: Workshop begins at Neal Smith Wildlife Refuge
  • 9:15am: Welcome and Orientation
  • 9:30am: Camera technique lecture
  • 12:00pm Break for lunch
  • 2:00 pm :Field Shoot at Refuge Center
  • 4:00 pm End of day one.


  • 6:00am Sunrise Field Shoot at location to be announced.
  • 12:00 pm Reconvene for review of images and question and answer session at Refuge Center
  • 3:00 pm Workshop ends.


John Gregor; (218) 830-0767

Bryan Hansel; Bryan Hansel Photography



Tuition, class notes, admission to Neal Smith Refuge.

Cost for Friends of Neal Smith is $189 (you must call for registration to get this discounted price.)

Please read our cancellation policy before signing up.

Neal Smith

To register by phone call (218) 830-0767, (frequently I am out of cell range, please leave a message with your phone number and a good time to return your call.)To register by mail send a check to: ColdSnap Photography, 2437 Hwy 3, Two Harbors MN 55616.