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Winter Wonderland; The Art of the Camera

March 2-4, 2018

Ice cave


Lake Superior in winter is beyond compare, without a doubt it is the best light of the year. The small group setting of this workshop will ensure plenty of one on one instruction time for your individual learning curve.Jim at Brighton Beach

Winter Wonderland; The Art of the Camera is about getting the best possible images in the field. Last winter we had a spectacular winter with lots of ice and snow. This resulted in some of the best ice formations possible. While there is no way to predict this with 100% accuracy if there will be good ice it will most likely happen at about this time of the year. This workshop is scheduled to take advantage of the historic ice conditions. If the Ice Caves on the South Shore of  Wisconsin are open we will make the trip to get there during optimum conditions. If the ice does not favor us we will find plenty to photograph along the North Shore. The beauty of basing this workshop in Two Harbors is that we will be able to take advantage of either location.


This workshop is primarily a field shooting workshop. We will have two classroom sessions, one fairly short and the second at the end of the workshop to review post processing technique and review images made during the workshop.
Topics of instruction in the field include: winter photography and how to stay warm, camera technique, proper metering for proper exposure, how to read histograms, composition for impact, filtering for effects, landscape photography techniques, and much more.


This workshop is based in the Two Harbors area but will go up and down the North Shore or possibly over to the South Shore for field outings.Group

Sample Itinerary:

Day One (Friday):

The workshop begins day one at 6:00am with a sunrise photo-shoot of the North Shore.  After breakfast we will find another location for optimum ice and winter scenery. Mid day we will meet in our warm and cozy classroom facility to discuss post processing techniques for winter shooting.

Day Two (Saturday):

The morning begins with a sunrise photo-shoot on the shores of Lake Superior. Photographic techniques for lakescapes will be demonstrated.

If conditions are right we will make the trip to the Ice Caves on the South Shore.

Icecave sunsetDay Three (Sunday):

The morning begins with a sunrise photo-shoot on the shores of Lake Superior. Photographic techniques for lakescapes including filtering for the best light will be demonstrated.

After breakfast we will continue our quest for winter light. If light and ice conditions are favorable and we were unable to go to the Ice Caves on Day Two we will  make the trip on Day Three. Small group learning will allow for individual interests and personalized techniques to be demonstrated.

If we do not make the Ice Caves on Day Three we will spend the afternoon reviewing digital workflow in the ColdSnap Studio.

The workshop will end at 3pm on day three.

Class Size:

Limit 8 people.



Workshop fee includes tuition, a complete set of notes and guided instruction.

***Please note: There is no guarantee that the Ice Caves will be accessible at the time of this workshop!***

Winter Wonderland Art of Camera