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Palouse–Mastering The Landscape!

May 15-18, 2018

Plus May 13-14, at the Columbia River Gorge.

Only 2 Spots Left!

Palouse Falls


Join professional landscape photographer John Gregor for 4 days of exploration, discovery, and fun as we tour the Palouse Region of Southeast Washington State. The Palouse is known for its stunning vistas, quaint barns, and grain binvibrant spring color. May is without a doubt the best time to go, the winter wheat has just sprouted, the hill are covered with a fresh clean look, and the sky’s are contrasted with dark dramatic clouds.

From sun up until past sun down we will be in the field working and learning landscape techniques and best practices. Few place can rival the opportunity for such distinctive landscape opportunities as the Palouse. We will be based in the heart of the Palouse region.  Individual attention and instruction are the hallmarks of our instructional workshops. Our approach to photography is founded upon an intimate, yet practical, understanding of photographic technology and the natural world. Our teaching philosophy is based upon the belief that learning through fieldwork is the most thorough and enjoyable process of learning.


This workshop is primarily a field workshop. There will be a couple informal classroom sessions but 90% of our time will be spent in the field.

Instruction will emphasize landscape and scenic photography. Field demonstrations and discussion will include camera technique as it applies to landscape, use of live view, selecting a focus point and creative use of depth of field. Additional camera technique  topics will include use of filters, how to select and use graduated neutral density filters for capturing great skies, and when to use neutral density filters for creating texture and feeling in your images. Composition demonstrations and discussions will include topics like; capturing a sense of space and a sense of place, and how to find and determine the best vantage point for capturing a landscape Terry


We will be based out of Colfax Washington and field shoots will range through out the Palouse region of SE Washington State. Some of the places we will visit will include: Steptoe Butte, Palouse Falls, countless back roads, salt barns, spontaneous stops along the way.

Sample Itinerary:

Day 1:

3:00pm  Orientation meeting and getting to know each other

5:00pm  Dinner break

6:00pm Evening Photo Shoot

Day 2-3:

5:00am  Sunrise Photo Shoot

8:00am Breakfast

9:00am  Field Photo Shoot

12:00       Lunch break

1:00pm  Field Photo ShootOld chev at sunset

5:00pm  Dinner break

6:00pm Evening Photo Shoot

Day 4:

5:00am  Sunrise Photo Shoot

8:00am Breakfast

9:00am Review of work done by all participants.

11:00am Workshop ends

This schedule is subject to change. Each day we will rise early and work late, there will be plenty of opportunity for breaks, naps, and rest. There will also be plenty of opportunity to capture stunning photographs. Specific locations and times are not given because each day’s itinerary will be determined by weather, light, and subject opportunity.

JeanWe are committed to guiding photographers to awe-inspiring places, where they can create masterful photos.



(Includes one day of photographing along the Columbia River Gorge)

Not included: Accommodations, meals, and transportation. Upon registration you will receive information about hotel accommodations.

Class Size:

Maximum of 8

Please read our cancellation policy before registering.

Palouse Registration:

The Palouse

Balance is due 60 days prior to the workshop.

  If you have any questions about your travel arrangements please feel free to contact us. If you are flying to this location I’d recommend flying into Portland Oregon as it will be more convenient to return via the Columbia River Gorge.

For more information call (218) 830-0767 or email

Oregon Dream Coast:

Ecola ViewThe above Palouse workshop is designed to coincide with the Oregon Dream Coast Workshop: 5 days of incredible coastal scenery and dreamy seascapes. The Oregon Dream Coast Workshop begins May 8-12. The two days between the workshops are travel days will be spent stopping along the Columbia River Gorge to photograph numerous falls along that route. For more information about this workshop go to: Oregon Dream Coast!