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Filtering For Waterfalls & Landscapes

June 29-July 1, 2018

Tree with Waterfall


From smooth and serene to wild and wooly, texture in a photograph can convey feeling and emotion that reflects the photographers response to the subject and surroundings. Using filters are the key to creating texture in Carllandscape photography. It is more than simply screwing a filter in front of your lens, it is understanding the relationship between exposure time and subject movement. This means knowing: which filter to use, how to control the exposure time through ISO, aperture, it also means knowing how long is too long and how short is too short.

Field trips and location shoots will provide subject matter where we will work with graduated neutral density filters, neutral density filters, circular polarizing filters. You will learn the how to select the best filtration system to fit your individual needs and photographic style. We will explore locations along the North Shore of Lake Superior and the rivers that abound in this area. This workshop will begin Friday June 29 at 6:30 am in Two Harbors, and will end Sunday July 1 at about 3:00pm. Join us for a photographic adventure of a lifetime.


This workshop is primarily a field shoot workshop. In this workshop we will learn techniques that will give your images pizzazz and impact. We will explore landscape techniques and the use of filters for mastering the grand landscape. You will learn how to filter for extreme lighting conditions, , get the most from natural light, how to position and use graduated neutral density filters, how to calculate very long exposures (multiple minutes), and how to use filtration to create the best composition.

Workshop participants are eligible for significant discounts on Benro filters, before purchasing any filters talk with us!

For more information about Benro Filters contact me!


We will be based out of the ColdSnap Photography Studio near Two Harbors MN. Our field outings will range up and down the North Shore near Two Harbors MN.

Sample Itinerary:

Our schedule is subject to change. Each day we will rise early and work late, there will be plenty of opportunity for breaks, naps, and rest. There will also be plenty of opportunity to capture stunning photographs. Specific locations and times are not given because each day’s itinerary will be determined by weather, light, and subject opportunity._68A8508

We are committed to guiding photographers to awe-inspiring places, where they can create masterful photos.

For a complete itinerary call (218) 830-0767 or email

Class Size:

Maximum Participants: 10



Workshop fee is for tuition with a complete set of class notes.

Arranging for accommodations and meals are responsibility of the participant.

Filtering For Waterfalls

Balance is due 45 days prior to the workshop.

(A list of accommodations for this area is available upon request. If you are flying in from out of state call us–we can help with your arrangements for your stay.)